An Update on The Titan Transport vs Scotlynn Cargo Claim


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The list can be endless, parking lot signs knocked down, lawns driven over, parked cars sideswiped, actual physical damage to buildings caused by reversing too quickly. I believe the increase in this type of accident is simply due to the lack experience in many of today’s drivers. Truck driving used to be a respected and highly regarded profession. You know, “Knights of the Road”, the helpful Labatts drivers stopping those shiny gold trucks to help stranded motorists, drivers pulling over to assist fellow drivers. Not anymore unfortunately, or so it seems. Rush, rush, rush, hurry up, and do it for less and less money. Just like everywhere else in this world, you get what you pay for.


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This is why carriers are distrustful:
We delivered a load - no issues on time and undamaged (2 skidoos) - but the broker said they would hold our payment as we caused damage to the consignee's site. We told the broker to have the consignee contact us directly with pictures and we will follow up. NOTHING... yet we still didn't get paid (90 days)...I then said I would go to the original customer as I had upheld my part of the contract ' deliver the goods undamaged and on time'... the consignee then sent pictures (and the damage was not caused by a truck - it was a huge concrete block on chains that came out of the ground surrounded by grass - no tire tracks AND the front driveway mailbox and display damaged - we offloaded on the road as they didn't have a dock) and also said he had 4 witness statements - but never got those. Sooooo money grab on consignee's part - and broker being just ridiculous... across the street is a strip mall - so they have CCTV - our insurance requested the footage and IT WAS NOT US... surprise - it was old damage

This is not a cargo claim, it's property damage. Those are usually difficult situations unless there is a camera (like in this case) or a driver that signs a declaration that they are aware that an accident happened.

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