Another invention went sour, eh...


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The article i seen said Jag something on the truck anybody know the carrier? Also the guy they are looking for is one of the same guys that abducted that 14 year old a couple years ago because a 4 million dollar coke rip off.


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I did see the Jag...Logo sort of looks like Jag & Sons. In the news conference there was a Idea Freight Systems in the background too.


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From the small video snippet I just saw on the news , the flap with hydraulic doors is a false compartment right where the wall and floor meet in the cab and it came up like a tesla gullwing door camouflaging with the wall of the cab.

Kinda smart

Wonder how no doggos smelled that stuff
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Well Idea Freight Systems now has a pending cancellation with Intact so that problem caught up with them.
And don’t worry, I let Old Republic know about their client Jag & Son Carrier Ltd as well, I’m sure they’ll follow suit. Thanks for posting this guys.