Damn it, I may have to change my name.

I have a huge dilemma...

With the possibility of the Atlanta Trashers coming to Winnipeg, looks like the Manitoba Moose are headed to the island. By the looks of things, I have 3 choices:

1 - Be nostalgic and keep my Inside Transport handle exactly the same.
2 - Change my handle to something else involving the word Trashers
3 - Move to NFL

1 - I've never been big on nostalgia so this is actually not my #1 choice but I definately have to keep an open mind and consider all my options.
2 - Never liked the Trashers... Don't even like the bird... But this does have some merit. I could talk all the "Trash" I want and it would be all good. Hopefully no one wants to take out the "trash". Wait a minute, scratch that last statement...
3 - There has to be something there that has interest. Crap, I'm from Manitoba and there's really nothing here except blizzards, floods and really big mosquitos so, there has to be something of interest on the rock other than lighthouses and a lot of water. I'm going to have to Google NFL.
Also, the "Manitoba" part would have to go. I'm sure that the Newfies will want to have a different name than Manitoba (I hope they think of that). What about all the newfie jokes that I'm going to have to now endure because of my relocation?

I could really use some advice from people who can appreciate my dilemma... Sigh...

Kelly Money

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Drop the "Manitoba" and stick with "Moose".


Winnipeg has much more than blizzards, floods and really big mosquitoes. We have Canada's most active art scene, an economy that beat all other provinces during the recession, and the most beautiful ladies this side of Montreal. ;)

And now we have our NHL back. Go Jets Go!

I don't blame you for looking at NFL. I started watching last year. NY Jets are my team.


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I heard they were gonna call the NHL team the Windchill or the 'Skeeters.

Could be worse ... you could be from Green Bay. Need I say more?


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Maybe when Toronto gets an NHL team... I'll change my name to whatever they're called :D

RK in AB

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My brother is a pro hockey coach. I asked how he prepares for games and he told me they watch a lot of films on the other team. That led me to believe that Toronto will have an advantage when/if they get into the playoffs because no one in the league will have films on them from the playoffs. At least not in colour!!!

Igor Galanter

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Well, Manitoba Moose... Here's my advice..If you thinking of changing a handle but still keep your roots attached, how about " Moose Guard".. Sounds good to me, eh?
There are people on this board with as warped a sense of humour as mine.

I had everyone in the office reading your responses and we're all pissing ourselves.

Thank you all for making this a great day.