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On Monday Sam said my freight was going to deliver Tuesday by noon but still nothing. Nobody will return my calls or emails. I fear it is with their partner who is not getting paid and it is hostage now ?? Who know I'm just trying to figure this out.


They are blacklisted here too. Delays over delays, they won't answer your calls for hours until they do pick-up to tell you some BS story about truck breaking down, traffic, being stuck at a consignee, etc...

All valid excuses, but when it's every shipment, and you can't tell me from the start and try to hide to avoid the load being cancelled, that's a big no.


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Thank you for all the reviews. I was about to give them a load today. After reading this, I just saved myself.

Cheers all.


Heads up they also are on our DNU for very poor services. Also handed in a lumper receipt for double the amount for the usual 1 skid, I called the lumper service and turns out they had another customer that had 7 skids and the amount was for 7 to 10 skids. They tried to charge me for the full amount and also the other customer... very naughty.....


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they have been blacklisted from our company for well over a year now. Funny thing is they just called in on a load I posted MN to ON on loadlink. We have them blocked on loadlink so they must have another account on load link not under eshipone. Yhey are just horrible. So many bad notes in our system. MN to ON LTL like eshipone does just call contract express and save yourself a headache.
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Use at your own risk! They are now operating as AIM One Transport and doing the same shaddy business. Also found out they are operating from the Dominican Republic. No office or Yard in Canada.