Green Logistics, Richmond Hill, ON


Having an issue getting in contact with not see them listed on "Link"..

...any update(s) available?



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Green Logistics
400 Creditstone Rd
Concord ON

Worked with them as early as last week if this is the same company you are talking about. I'll ask the ladies in disp if anyone has a cell #. Will report if any more contact info found.

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Green Logistics "is" on the Link. They might have you blocked and that's why you can't see them. They are a small office (only two of them I believe).


I have to ask if anyone has had issues with Andriy at Green Logistics?

Irina & Lily are two very polite and professional individuals. This guy however is a complete ass! He is abusive.

The backstory is... Customer loads the trailer... shipper brings in the ppwk and the office generates customs docs. So yeah... the truck is loaded in 45 mins... often times the driver has to wait another 45 for ppwk. Combined... not a stupid amount of time but I get it... driver is loaded... he/she wants to run. Our dispatch explained this to Andriy before he was given the load. Yeah, yeah, yeah... send it over... I can do it. According to our shipper (who has over 200 loads in the books with us... every one of them is the same)... the driver had paperwork 35 minutes after loading/ Andriy called our office 22 times during the 35 minutes yelling and telling us everything from "I want the freight taken off the truck" to "I'm going to leave it in a warehouse in PA and you can pay someone else to go get it".

Unfortunately, they are now DNU for us.

I've also noticed their Equifax score is now in the red.

Not sure what's going on over there now.


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Its is a shame because the ladies over there are indeed lovely but the guy makes people not want to deal with the company.


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I'm shocked to hear this. I have dealt with them for many years never had any problems with him. Great dealing with Lilly.


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Shock to hear this as well. I have nothing but great things to day about Green Logistics- Very reputable and reliable carrier to NJ/PA.

Igor Galanter

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For some reason I have a very strong feeling that there is more to this story that just a 35-45 min.
Some shippers and receivers could slightly exaggerate the situation, especially now, when is theirs market..


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We also had issue with Andriy. LTL order picked up out is USA, promised next day delivery. Next day, says he crossed a bit too late, will deliver the day after. Advised him ok, but people on site for job please for sure next day. No problem per Andriy. The day it is supposed to deliver, check with Andriy, yep, going to deliver around noon. Then at 12:45. Sorry, driver is going home, he does not want to deliver. BRUTAL service.


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They are not DNU here. However, because of Andriy and a few run in's he's had with some of our coordinators they have fallen out of favour. Quickly looking at their history... we used them about once a week (59 times in 2018) compared to 9 times in 2019 so far.