How to get into Hazmat?


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Hey guys,
I am a Canadian carrier mostly northern ON and QC. I would like to get my drivers into hauling dangerous goods. Is it up to me, the company to train my drivers and make my own certificate?

Thank you!


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If you review the legislation for each jurisdiction that you haul into, you will be aware of the training, registration and insurance requirements for each separate jurisdiction. TDG is not a joke, nor is it something to try to find shortcuts on.
My frank observation is that its not the kind of thing you should look at doing if your baseline industry knowledge is that low.


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Hello thebluffs1,
I understand the dangers that come when hauling dangerous goods. I would be getting myself as well as my drivers to take a safety course with an accredited school to make sure everyone has proper training. I will also test my drivers knowledge to be 100% confident that they know what they are doing.
I already had reviewed the Canadian regulations I was just inquiring about additional information that could be shared with members of this forum that have years of experience. We all got to start learning from somewhere and forums like this one is a great place to start.
We will not focus mainly on TDG, only about 20% of our volume would be hazmat. If the increase in my insurance is manageable then I would go forward. I have asked my broker for a quote, but if anyone has a rough idea of premium increase please let me know.

I do not take shortcuts nor would ever. This is a business, not a game.

Thank you and have a great day!