Motive / Keep Truckin ELD


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Anyone out there using this system?

Used to be called Keep Truckin and changed their name to Motive.

Thinking of a making a switch as my Geotab units have been having intermittent service outages and several units have just stopped working.



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We have it, mind you only 3 trucks running stateside. I haven't got it for my other trucks though yet. Works good for me, easy for drivers to use. Our drivers have ipads in their trucks and it just works on that, complete with the ipad mount to keep it secure.


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We use it here as well, great UI and great so far, no major complaints. Only thing that stands out for us is when the drivers use the app on their phones connectivity via Bluetooth to the truck drops once or twice a week or so. Nothing major and usually the drivers or dispatch catches it and its quick and easy to assign the "unidentified" trips. Customer service is pretty good as well, they had someone on the live chat over the weekend that helped with an issue and was resolved in about 30 mins. On the pricey side of ELD's but its been reliable for the last year and 6 months we'ev had it.