Ontario-Quebec Joint Cabinet Meeting Leads to Agreement on Speed Limiters, Wide Base

Ruth M

Ontario-Quebec Joint Cabinet Meeting Leads to Agreement on Speed Limiters, Wide Base Single Tires and LCVs

OTA applauds premiers, calls it an historic day

(June 2, 2008) -- The Ontario Trucking Association is applauding the results of yesterday’s joint meeting of the Ontario and Quebec government cabinets. According to OTA President, David Bradley, “the two governments are moving forward on each of the priority items we recommended they pursue. For a first ever meeting of this type this is a great way to start. Premiers McGuinty and Charest are to be congratulated. It’s an historic day.”

An information circular issued by both provinces at the conclusion of the meeting contains the following statement:

“Ontario and Quebec will take steps to make it easier for goods to move seamlessly and safely between the provinces. Specifically, both economic and environmental benefits will be achieved by moving ahead together on a harmonized approach for implementing speed limiters for trucks, subject to passage of legislation. In addition, Ontario will pursue regulations to permit single wide base tires on trucks to improve fuel efficiency, and will develop a program to permit long combination vehicles under carefully controlled requirements to ensure our roads and highways remain among the safest in North America.”

Bradley said there will still be a lot of work to be done to bring these commitments to completion but says, “now that the direction has been set we look forward to working with the two governments and with our partners, the Quebec Trucking Association to bring these matters to fruition as soon as possible.”


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