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This thread is not meant to put shed a bad light on Polaris, but has anyone else on this platform experienced horrible service from them recently.
Seems like everything I give them turns into delays in pick up or deliveries.


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We have found that anything Polaris does with their drivers and their trucks usually works out very well. However, some of their agents in the US are pretty haphazard and cavalier when it comes to customer service. I don't know how many times they say freight wasn't ready, when it was. Or local drivers leaving the shipper without proper paperwork. Yes, usually it all gets sorted out, but things don't go as smoothly as they should.


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We have experienced the same Diesel1. but if you think about the current issues we are all facing in this lovely market...their operations are just busting at the seams....so it's really to be expected. And yes...there are several reasons why...but the long and short is they started to "bust" back in December and are still trying to get current. Add to that a lovely weather Monday/Tuesday in Ontario and you get late shipments.


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As of late Polaris is pretty bad almost on par with YRC. Customer service doesn't open until 08:00am - everyone is always adding in US dispatch but nobody is able to answer a single question.

Pitt Ohio on behalf of Polaris has Washington Dc OFD since Friday last week - every day driver gets the paperwork for delivery but no skid.


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They are having capacity issues the same as everyone else. They are very upfront about it and are very transparent about it.


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From my experience Polaris has always been very reliable and, they were very upfront about their capacity issues earlier this year. Their service seems to be back closer to normal now and we are happy to work with them.