Real Transport


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Apr 23, 2015
Booking a load with them, but have no recollection how they were previously.
Using them once in a while - never really had any problem.

The team in the office changed about 3 times in the last 7-8 years.
Service was very bad about 5-6 years ago.
Staff changed, and service improved.
I give them loads from time to time, good service now, no problems at all.
I wouldn't say white glove service, but good, you shouldn't have any problems.
Thanks. They picked up fine yesterday. Will let you know if any issues, but I remember I used to have issues with them years ago.
Any updates?
Last time I booked a load and had issues with their dispatcher Ruby. He was extremely rude and difficult to understand, he also passed some very racist comments about his driver to justify being late.
I never had these issues in the past, so I am wondering if it is a one time thing. Usually I get good service from these guys.
They are fine , little slow at answering. Always a little late for delivery though
Afternoon all,

Any recent dealings with them with respect to service? Real Transport PQ. Contact is Ruby.
had them on some SC to QC loads two weeks ago. First one loaded on weekend and delivered on Monday no issue. Had two more to load on Monday but they then made up some story about both trucks on Monday loads missed delivery appointments and couldn't get empty. Finally loaded one on Wednesday then Thursday and had to chase to get the last one finally delivered at end of day Monday, trucks came from GA and VA so Monday story was BS just to keep loads.
Nothing this year...2022 we used twice. One went fine. The second our shipment was held up because another shipment on the truck went into bond. but for some reason they couldn't get ours off the truck until the other one cleared...this was after the truck was in PQ and in their yard.
So he's calling pretending to be from a company he's not with?
Yep! emailed about a load we posted on loadlink. signature and everythign is identical to Real Transport. only discrepancy if you actually check is his email ends with .co and not .com/.ca . almost got us!