Rejected skids for Amazon


Would like to get everyone's point of view.

We delivered a load of Toys to Amazon in Bolton, ON. Delivery apt was Friday at 14:00 and we were only unloaded Sunday at 11:00 am. We could not leave as they lock the trailer to the door so we had to wait.

We sent emails all weekend keeping the Amazon broker in the loop on unloading and all their replies were just thanks for the update not once did they try to help. Once finally unloaded I advised of the waiting time and they rejected 7 skids and they just replied thank you. Is there a time limit that I need to hold these skids, before I can get rid of them? No one at the broker seems to care or have any answers. They are not replying for the waiting time or for the rejected skids. FYI this broker is the main broker for Amazon.

Any Thoughts on how I should handle the reject skids?