Small Amounts of HAZ - TDG Canada/Ontario

Jim L

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Its always tough to find the answer to this question. This is what I was told:

First you look up the UN number, lets say propane, which is UN1075.

Then look up the UN number in Schedule 1 of TDG regulation (SOR/2001-286). This will give you the code for excepted quantities in column 6b. For propane it is E0

Then you look up that code in the table 1 listed under 1.17.1 (1) Excepted Quantities. In this case E0 is not permitted as an excepted quantity.

Once you find out if you're allowed, then read the rest of the section to find out if there is anything else that can get you in trouble such as required markings.

In this case, propane is not allowed to be transported as a limited quantity by a carrier. There is also another exemption of 150KG but that only applies for the acutal user/purchaser of common goods such as paint, aerosols etc.