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It seems to be the new business model for most companies these days. The banks started it and have fashioned it into an art form. When dealing with an ATM, the bank doesn’t need to have an employee in contact with you. You the customer stand in line, you the customer complete the transaction and you the customer pay a fee for that privilege.

Funny you mention back. A while ago I was standing in line for a teller to do some transactions and someone from the bank asked me if I just wanted to use the ATM machine. I asked her if she didn't like her job, and she looked at me sort of stunned. I said, if I can do what I was going to use a teller for at a machine, then there is no need for the teller...thus no need for you to have a job either.

Similar stunned look from the folks pushing me to self check out. I asked if I get an employee discount for doing all the work and if next week I'd be finding my goods still loaded in the trailer and I had to do that too.

I'm what I would call old school I drive through, no self checkouts etc. I have advanced to using an ATM now, but that took years. :)


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Trying to work my way through this... Apparently, even with a signed bill of lading, they are telling us we need some 'little blue sticker'... Their words, not mine... haahahaa...

To get this 'little blue sticker' they have directed me to contact their customer.... :confused:

Pretty weird... So I told their customer I have an overdue invoice that I got from Traffic Tech and they are looking for the 'little blue sticker'... haahaha...

I have very little patience for such bullshit these days... But I am trying to play along...

But, if the customer is the one who wants the 'little blue sticker', then why are they the ones I was told to get it from?

They've got about 24 hours before I start to get pretty pissy!
Sounds like they trippin on 'litttle blue pills' ...LOL


I haven't dealt with Traffic Tech in years, no reason other than we haven't hooked up on anything. The last time we done business, they had two loads from Montreal to Anchorage Alaska they couldn't get covered. It was early December, I told them my rate, they agreed, my guys got empty at the air base up there, and out of the blue, they called and asked for our bank routing info and wired the full amount into our account. Didn't expect that at all, but yay I guess. Sorry to hear they're jacking people around on accessorials.