Tung Air Transport Ltd---


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Tung Air Transport Ltd-

They where to do a load for us in Aug 2023, they canceled on us last minute and we recovered, all good, today we get a call from them asking for payment and that the driver lost the POD- told her to pound salt as they canceled on us..

They she starts making excuses and said it was an error, I asked her then how did he lose the POD if you never picked it up.... She hung up on me.


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If I had to guess, maybe Susan. This could've been a simple oversight when someone didn't cancel the order in the system etc.

I don't think a misunderstanding could be considered a scam; it was just an oversight and shouldn't have been posted as such.

WIth the current trucking environment and creative new scams coming up, anything is possible.
BUT seeing they are a reputable carrier it would most likely be an oversight, it's happened to us before, CSR doesn't cancel the order and accounting goes hunting for payment.


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Hanlon's razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
Love it. People are way to fast to think everyone is out to screw them. I find the folks that are like that are usually the biggest scammers.

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There is another thread on this company here on insidetransport.com with mixed reviews on this company.


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They fall in the same category as XTC Logistics/Transportation right now.
It's unfortunate how companies take advantage of other carriers like this.
It's unfortunate how carriers fall for this.
Learn lessons, protect yourself, put policies in place to ensure that new brokers don't get too much credit, The amount of carriers that post on this board with well over 10K outstanding on companies with very little information to find is astounding.


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I've actually never had issues with Tung Air in the past. Not that I do a lot of work with them personally but my company overall does.