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Long time lurker, sounds creepy as I say that, just curious to see how I can grow my US carrier base for intra US moves. Is everyone using Dat or anything similar to it? Any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks.


I my experiences, DAT is good if you are moving Truckloads. If you have good LTL volumes, I would strongly recommend setting up an account with reputable LTL/consolidators.

But before doing that if this still applies, you will need to apply for your broker authority from FMSCA or the US Department of Transportation.

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Deisel makes some good points.


Be prepared to enter a world of Re-Weights. Re-Class, Freight that gets cross docked multiple times, goods astray and damages.

Assuming you're Canadian you're volumes probably wont be big enough to get any US carriers attention let alone buying power.

US to US LTL is a lot of work for little reward.

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I move alot of intra US and use Internet Truckstop. For the smaller LTL I use a Old Dominion, YRC, Fedex Freight, and R&L. Usually the hardest to cover are the partials, so I usually price these at near truckload rates and get a hotshot. All things considered I much prefer Canada US and would stick to that if I had to do it all over again. Most of my truckload freight is flatbed, so I can't tell you much about van or reefer. In my experience, so long as you're factorable you won't have a problem getting trucks.

One more thing, make sure your customer knows you're in Canada. Most tend to take it for granted that you're in the US.. nobody even questions that you might be one of the dreaded "farners".. A few years ago I had a carrier give me a lead on some US DOD freight.... moving armoured personnel carriers, tanks etc from WI to east coast ports. All went well until someone there woke up and noticed they were using a Canadian broker (me) That ended that deal pretty quickly, and I'm pretty sure someone at DOD got canned over it. So lesson learned.. make sure your US customer is ok working with a Canadian broker.. most don't care one way or the other.. but some will not.