"World's Toughest Trucker"


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Has anyone else seen this show on Discovery that looks like a combination of trucking and Amazing Race? There's a Canadian from Waterdown on the show. Moving concrete pipes with crappy straps in Brazil is the episode I'm watching.


B/S TV again. This is another excuse of the worst possible way to project a proper image of this industry.

Of the 10 that started this show, the Canadian and the Brit are the only two that project any kind of professionalism.The rest are all accidents waiting to happen.

You can rank this show at the bottom of the list with any of the IRT shows.
C'mon. the Aussie dude with the beard is the consummate professional. Wouldn't you like to have him representing your company at the shipper?
The Americans are typical rednecks.
I did like the dark skinny fella with the cowboy hat from Colombia or somewhere.