WSIB classification changes for freight brokers


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Most things sure have gone up pretty steadily... Office staff, office space, driver wages (there's a bunch of threads on this one), insurance, plates, trucks, etc... Rates were on a slow increase and now have bumped up to where I think most people can agree they should be. Is produce delays a little this year due to cold weather? I've not seen that 'kick' yet.

Fuel, not really. It's up vs. 2017, 2016 and 2015, but it's actually 20.36%, 17.9%, and 22.49% lower than this same day 2014,13,12 (average diesel/gal USD, excluding inflation also excluding exchange if you're a Canadian based operation buying gas in the USA). I'd account for those but I'm not an economist and don't really want to be poached by that industry, it's not my bag...

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That's why some set up their office staff under a separate company. ABC Staffing Limited employs the office staff while ABC Trucking Limited employs the drivers.


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6.72 percent no matter what the employee does , for example office staff is the same rate as a driver.. Only one rate applies i was told.